European Market for Waste to Energy to 2019
Authors: Gail Rajgor and Gareth Simkins
Published: November, 2014
Pages: 86 | Tables: 0 | Figures: 36

ENDS Waste&Bioenergy’s comprehensive market report provides five-year forecasts for eight countries and regions including all major energy-from-waste (EfW) markets drawing on ENDS’s unique database of EfW plants and projects in 30 countries. The report also forecasts trends in key EfW combustion technologies. And it provides key details of 151 individual EfW projects in the pipeline as at the end of 2014 in both pdf and Excel format.

Key elements of EWB’s five-year forecasts are the annual value of EfW markets, the forecast number of operating EfW plants, the forecast waste processing capacity and share of MSW arisings of operating EfW plants, the forecast electricity generation capacity of operating EfW plants, and the forecast trend in major and emerging EfW combustion technologies.

Find out about:

  • The future of the energy-from-waste market to 2019
  • The energy-from-waste sector in Europe
  • Technology developments
  • Growth trends
  • Key drivers and market trends shaping the industry’s future to 2019 What do you get?
  • A database of all energy from waste plants online and under construction (approx 800)
  • Quantitative annual forecasts of the value of European EfW projects to 2019
  • Annual forecasts for total waste capacity, share of all municipal waste capacity and electricity capacity
  • Separate forecasts for Germany, France, Benelux, UK & Ireland, Scandinavia, CEE countries, Austria & Switzerland, and Italy & Iberia
  • Multiple figures and statistics with market-critical numbers
  • Key details of all individual pipeline projects in the EWB database

What’s included in the price?

  • A 100 page searchable pdf in easy to read online format
  • Global intranet licence, allowing data to be distributed throughout your organisation
  • An Excel spreadsheet version of the list of all pipeline projects with key details

How will Intelligence benefit you?

  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Pinpoint growth and identify factors driving change
  • Plan for the future with confidence


This report is based on extensive desk research of European waste-to-energy markets, technologies, companies and government policies. It also includes a significant amount of data research and analysis.

Russia and the other countries in the former Soviet Union are not included, nor is Israel. Turkey is included in Southern Europe.

The data we have analysed comes from our own ENDS Waste&Bioenergy (EWB)  database, and is supplemented by figures from the European Statistics Database (Eurostat).

Our EWB live database includes more than 1,000 waste-to-energy and bioenergy projects, facilities and companies across Europe. Eurostat is the statistical office of the EU, which is tasked with providing the EU with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions.

We used a snapshot of the data that was taken on 26 September 2014. Any new projects or information that was added to either database after that date is not reflected in this report.

This report aims to present the current market status in each region of Europe, but also to provide a series of growth scenarios to forecast volume of municipal solid waste, and electricity and heat generated from waste-to-energy plants, between 2015 and 2019.

The current market status is based on a combination of data from the EWB database and Eurostat.

The forecasts are based on a combination of linear regression analysis of historical data from Eurostat, analysis of the pipeline in the EWB database and an assessment of individual countries’ policies and targets, when available.

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