Power Asset Ownership In Wind Power To 2020
Authors: Sara Verbruggen, Windpower Monthly correspondents
Published: June, 2015
Pages: 98 | Tables: | Figures: 34

This new report from Windpower Intelligence provides a detailed analysis of the changing landscape of wind power asset ownership around the world. It looks at the current and pipeline portfolios of key players globally and in each region to 2020, assessing their business strategies going forward. It also looks at the top markets and players in key countries within each region. In addition, it provides insight into the key market issues and economic trends that could determine business fortunes in the future, providing analysis of current and planned policy support mechanisms along with wind power capacity forecasts (global and regional) to 2020 using data held by WPI.


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  • The key power asset owners globally and by region
  • Key issues affecting the windpower market
  • Planned policy support
  • Key drivers and market trends shaping the industry’s future

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  • Quantitative and Qualitative forecasts of wind markets broken down by country
  • Multiple tables of data and statistics illustrating trends influencing the market
  • Detailed analysis and commentary from our team of dedicated wind power experts

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  • A hard copy of the report
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  • Plan for the future with confidence

This report provides a detailed analysis of the changing landscape
of wind power asset ownership around the world. It looks at the current and
pipeline portfolios of key players globally and in each region to 2020, assessing
their business strategies going forward. It also looks at the top markets and
players in key countries within each region. In addition, it provides insight
into the key market issues and economic trends that could determine business
fortunes in the future, providing analysis of current and planned policy support
mechanisms along with wind power capacity forecasts (global and regional) to
2020 using data held by WPI.
What is abundantly clear is that utilities and/or state-owned enterprises,
rather than independent power producers (IPPs), are the main players in terms
of asset ownership globally and they are likely to remain so (although IPPs will
play an increasingly significant role in some regional markets such as North
America). However, while the report shows that Europe may be the biggest
market, European players are far from the biggest asset owners.
The dominance of utilities and state-owned enterprises globally as owners of
wind power assets is not only a sign of how the market has matured to become
a key part of the energy mix, but of how projects have got bigger. As the scale
of projects increases, these companies are well placed to lead – with wind farms
being capital intensive at the front-end (costly to build, relatively cheap to run)
they possess the financial strength needed upfront to take projects forward and/
or are better placed to secure finance on good terms. As major asset owners
they also have capacity to sell to fund new projects should they require, and
these days there is no shortage of potential buyers.

This report presents an analysis of global and regional wind power asset ownership, policies and drivers, and a forward look at the wind markets for the period 2015–20.
It is based on data from the Windpower Intelligence (WPI) database, as well as independent research conducted specifically for this report. For the purposes of formulating capacity forecasts for this report, we only took account of projects that are currently in progress, meaning that they are not yet in operation, nor have they been put on hold or cancelled.
Using the WPI tracker as the foundation for our report enables WPI to produce a bottom-up projection of future global market development around individual projects moving through the pipeline. It allows analysis of trends broken down by individual company, turbine supplier and other variables. On the other hand, analysis is difficult in less transparent markets such as China and India, where availability of data is constrained. WPI is continuously increasing its database of global projects, with a strong emphasis on these challenging markets.For the data analysis, we used a snapshot of the database taken on 10 May 2015. Any new projects or information that was announced after that date is not reflected in this report.
Our short- and medium-term forecasts of future installed wind capacity are drawn from the May 2015 issue of the WPI Global Forecast. This is a monthly forecast report that provides up-to-date country forecasts based on on-the-ground research alongside collection and verification of pipeline data. Our long-term forecast of future installed wind capacity is produced based on analysis of future pipelines in our WPI database, linear regression analysis on historical installed capacity and research on individual countries’ policies and targets.

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