Wind Energy Markets in the Americas to 2024
Authors: Eize de Vries, Sara Knight, Eric Prideaux
Published: February, 2015
Pages: 64 | Tables: 5 | Figures: 23

From Canada in the north down to Argentina in the south, two facets of one regional market are apparent. On the one hand, the North American wind market is preparing for continued, albeit steady growth, while Latin America’s is gearing up to take off. Today Latin America’s annual installed wind capacity is a fraction of that of North America. But this will change so that by the end of the decade annual installed wind capacity across Latin America, including the Caribbean, will be just under half of that of North America.

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  • The future of the wind power market to 2024
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  • Technology developments
  • Growth trends
  • Key drivers and market trends shaping the industry’s future

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  • Quantitative and Qualitative forecasts of the Americas wind markets broken down by country
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  • Detailed analysis and commentary from our team of dedicated wind power experts

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The American continent is a microcosm that accurately reflects the development of onshore wind power worldwide. The US hosts some of the oldest wind farms ever built, some dating as far back as the 1970s. Canada and parts of the US have turbines installed in some of the most extreme cold-climate conditions turbine manufacturers have had to cater for. And Latin America encapsulates the hopes and frustrations of fast-growing wind markets everywhere.
This report provides an overview of the factors that are supporting wind power development in each sub-region of this vast continent. It does so by providing an overview of existing support mechanisms – both at national and regional or local level. It also highlights the key barriers to further development.
The key players in each region are listed with details of their wind-related activities as well as their business performance more generally. Our expert technology contributor Eize de Vries offers a detailed overview of the technological challenges present in this continent and of the prospects open to the different turbine manufacturers and other technology suppliers.
This report presents detailed year-by-year forecasts to 2019 for each of the major wind countries in these regions, and for each region as a whole. We also provide growth trends to 2024.


This report presents an overview of American wind markets, policy, drivers and challenges and a forward look at the markets for the period 2015–24. The report covers the American continent, including North America, Latin America and the Caribbean countries.
This report is based on the Windpower Intelligence (WPI) database, as well as independent research conducted specifically for this report. For the purposes of formulating capacity forecasts for this report, we only took account of projects that are currently ‘in progress’, meaning that they are not yet in operation, nor have they been put on hold or cancelled.
The WPI tracker was used to produce a bottom-up forecast of future American market trends. For the data analysis, we used a snapshot of the database taken on 11 December 2014. Information we may have learned after that date is not reflected in this report.
Our short- and medium-term forecasts of future installed wind capacity are drawn from the December 2014 issue of the WPI Global Forecast. This is a monthly forecast report that provides up-to-date country forecasts based on on-the-ground research alongside collection and verification of pipeline data. Our long-term forecast of future installed wind capacity is produced based on analysis of future pipelines in our WPI database, linear regression analysis on historical installed capacity and research on individual countries’ policies and targets.
The Appendix to this report provides an overview of the US wind energy repowering markets. Based on existing information on wind farms that have been repowered and inside knowledge on plans for further repowering, it sets out three repowering scenarios and outlines low, medium or high growth for each of them.

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