ENDS Intelligence maintains a number of project trackers that follow activities at renewable energy plants in real time. Through timely monitoring of local news sources, direct contact with project developers and input from supply chain providers, our network of researchers across the globe makes sure you are promptly notified of updates and deals at projects.

Windpower Intelligence

The Windpower Intelligence Tracker is an unrivalled source of detailed business intelligence. It is built around a database of more than 20,000 wind farms — around half of which are under development — and 6,000 wind industry companies. It is constantly updated through continuous monitoring of local news sources and direct contact with developers and suppliers by a team of researchers around the globe.

The Tracker allows you to keep abreast of developments at planned and existing wind farms by notifying you of contracts and deals, regulatory and commercial decisions, and construction milestones.

You can search the Tracker by wind farm, company (supplier or developer), country or region, and by industry category. You can also produce customised reports and data exports to assist you in identifying business leads, investment targets and potential investors.

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WPO Intelligence

The WPO Intelligence Tracker provides highly detailed information on more than 600 offshore wind projects. It provides real-time updates on all developments at planned and operational offshore wind farms through local news monitoring, direct contact with developers and suppliers, and dedicated research efforts.

The Tracker database holds details of up to 150 fields for each project, ranging from static information such as location, water depth and distance from shore, to constantly updated information such as development status, names of suppliers and installers, and any project finance deals.

Turbine Purchase Agreements

Windpower Intelligence monitors turbine deals as they are revealed and records their details promptly in our Windpower Intelligence database. This information is collated monthly in a document that displays a list of the deals that were made in the previous month.

Each item in the list is a concise article that records the details of the turbine purchase order; articles also include key details about the relevant wind farm such as location, capacity and developer, as well as the model and number of turbines, and in most cases the wind farm’s estimated online date.

The Windpower Intelligence Turbine Purchase Agreement Report is available at €2,000 for 12 issues.

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